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Guide to Buying a House in the Netherlands

Discover everything you need to know about purchasing property in the Netherlands as a foreigner.

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Making the decision
Determine if buying is right for you and establish your price range.
Preparing to buy
Understand your financial situation, additional costs, and working with a mortgage advisor.
The home search process
Selecting the right area, using online tools, and what to look for during viewings.
Making an offer and negotiating
How to make an offer, strategies for negotiating, and what to do after the bid.
The buying process
Steps from technical inspections to signing the purchase agreement.
Mortgage and costs
Different types of mortgages, interest rates, and understanding NHG.
Closing the deal
Final steps, including taxes, notary services, and moving into your new home.
Future updates and resources
Stay updated with new information and use helpful tools and resources included in the guide.

About the author

I'm Dmitrii, and it's been two years since I moved to the Netherlands. I've learned a lot about the housing market here. I'm excited to share what I know to help make your home-buying process easier.
You can learn more about my story on the main page or on my YouTube channel where I talk a lot about life in the Netherlands.
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